It’s time to make your comeback and get back on track mentally and emotionally.


Workshops are available in LIVE and ONLINE formats

After experiencing trauma or difficult times you can feel stuck, alone, lost, exhausted, unsure of yourself and your future. 

Trauma is an elusive word, which perhaps you wouldn’t consider is what you’re going through. Trauma is not just accidents but also:

  • Divorce/Break up
  • Death of a loved one
  • Domestic Violence
  • PTSD
  • Career/Job/Business 
  • Moving
  • Family break down
  • Medical/Health condition/s
  • New changes or unexpected changes in life
  • And so much more

Our workshops have 3 hour or 6 hour immersive formats to take you through what you need to know using your Mind, Body and Heart in a total body experience, because that’s how trauma affects you and your life, it affects all pieces of you.

These workshops have 3 components:

  • Mind – Practical information that will help in your day to day life. Take back control of your mind and overcome unwanted thoughts & emotions.
  • Body – Learn about your biochemistry in tangible ways to discover how to help your body with healing and recovery. 
  • Heart/Soul – Reconnect to your true self, learning to feel again, trust again and integrate various types of wellness modalities to suit your personal needs and circumstances.

When I was recovering from my own traumas I was so frustrated that support seemed so ‘fluffy’ with their approaches. I wanted practical tools that were useful. I wanted science and understanding of what happened in my body and mind. I wanted tangible, logical resources that would help me move forward. That’s why I created this workshop in this way. So that you will take away useful tools to feel confident and ready to move forward.

You will also take away some gifts to begin your new, clean slate with. Alongside receiving a bonus integration call after the workshop has concluded. This is to help you transition and take the learnings from the workshop into you day to day life.

If you would like to book a workshop for your venue or find out when our next upcoming workshops are then please contact us below:

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