After a relationship break up I found myself working long hours and dedicating myself solely to my business. I lost myself mentally and physically in this process. When I met Michelle I knew she was the person to help me through this. She has opened my eyes up to holistic approaches that just make so much sense. I am now connected to myself again, making better choices for both myself and my business. Plus I now feel ready to meet a lovely lady again. Thanks Michelle.


I met Michelle when she was speaking at a Wellbeing Seminar. The decision to go had been a spur of the moment, “what do I have to lose” type of decision. I didn’t know if I would get anything out of it, I just knew I was heading quickly for rock bottom and seriously needed help.

 I hated myself, hated my life and was reaching the point where I thought the only way out was death. I was in an abusive relationship which I knew was wrong and in a job that put me in hospital from stress.I didn’t know it at the time but meeting Michelle was going to be one of the best things I could ever do for myself. During the seminar I realised “Hey this chick actually knows what she’s on about!”

I started attending weekly private sessions with her, I started to regain confidence and belief in myself and what I was capable of. I realised I was strong enough to get out of that relationship, and strong enough to leave my job, two things I thought would never happen.I dropped two dress sizes in only a few months, as I was also finally eating foods that were right for my body.

Thank you Michelle, from the bottom of my heart. I know without you helping me this past year would’ve been horrible, but I survived, I continue to thrive and meet new goals I set for myself. Now I’m once again stepping out of my comfort zone and moving away from my family, to start a new life with a guy who brings out the very best in me and allows me to spread my wings and fly. I can’t thank you enough Michelle for helping me realise just how unique and amazing I can be as a person!


Michelle is an amazing facilitator. I’m always in awe at how effective her techniques are. Alongside her skill toolset, Michelle is a gifted intuitive and uses her guidance and nurturing presence to make you feel heard and get to the root of what is needed. I trust my sessions with her and have found tremendous benefits from them. I cannot recommend her enough, she’s the real deal for anyone seeking to do the work and take the reins of their life back again. After a session you can expect to feel empowered from having the self generated knowledge of what is needed. Absolute treasure! 


Michelle is a straight shooter with finesse. She has an openness about who she is and that goes a long way to creating a space where breakthroughs can happen. Michelle walks her talk, is a skilled practitioner and a creative and conscious communicator. You know that feeling when you meet someone and swear you have known them all your life? Yep, that’s Michelle. When it clicks, it clicks. And amazing things happen. She has my highest recommendation.


I started working with Michelle about 6 months ago and to say she has had a significant impact on my journey would be an understatement. I have learnt so much from Michelle which I have been able to incorporate into my everyday life, with ease. I am now more confident, more focused and more accepting of who I am. I have grown and become a better person, because of Michelle’s support and guidance. Thank you, with all my heart. 


Firstly Michelle has the biggest, honest heart which is so evident from the first moment meeting her. It’s also evident she has so much experience in healing and holding safe, stable space as I always leave my sessions feeling lighter and more positive. It’s amazing to have a coach that just understands you! I always want to keep talking with her for hours after!


Michelle has a profound wealth of knowledge. She is so authentically herself in every session. I love that Michelle is guided by her intuition and knows exactly where to take the session depending on my needs at the time. I feel so supported and held, especially in times I have been so vulnerable. Michelle really offers a space of unconditional love. My work with Michelle has been nothing short of amazing! I have uncovered so much about myself and I have really stepped into my power. I’m so grateful for Michelle and so excited to continue my journey with her. Thank you Michelle. 


Michelle has a plethora of knowledge and during our time together she made me have many revelations about myself and the world. If you are looking for the next step in your journey of life Michelle will have the tools to help you utilise your experience.  


Michelle is an amazing coach, she makes you feel safe to allow you to work through your blocks and emotions without judgement. She is supportive while helping you to see your own strengths in life. I would highly recommend Michelle for any of your coaching needs. Thank you Michelle. 


Put simply Michelle has changed my life. After facing huge challenges which left me wondering who I even was anymore, I discovered Michelle. All the work I have done, the core values I use daily, the tools she has coached me to use and so much more has changed my life in so many ways. I am forever grateful for that and for her.


Michelle with her guidance, patience and kindness (re)introduced me to myself. I felt very safe and backed up to meet myself with lots of emotions and lots of fun too. I definitely recommend working with this amazing lady. Thank you Mich, it’s been a strong experience. Still lots of work ahead. It has just started, yay! I cannot really put into words how I feel about this experience. Lucie

Michelle creates a beautiful and safe container to go deep into uncovering and acknowledging stuff I was not even aware of. Michelle helps to bring what has been suppressed up to surface to be healed. l felt very safe and supported in Michelle’s presence. Thank you for helping me connect back to me.Cassie

When I first started seeing Michelle I was always so hard on myself (critical) and I was in a relationship that reflected that. I always knew there was more out there to understand and experience but I didn’t know where to start, so I never did. Through a lot of self work and exploration I discovered my true self as well as the power of self love – the most powerful health benefit that anyone can possess. Through re-evaluating my life I am now living something that’s really me. I’m in a loving relationship and I’ve never felt so amazing.


I came to Michelle with two main issues that were a repeat pattern in my life. Michelle created a safe, calm space for me to explore the underlying cause of these. With patience but assertiveness Michelle opened up awareness for me that I had not realised. Michelle is a phenomenal coach who I trust to help me explore and understand exactly what I need in order to flourish with my personal growth. If you are ready for change I strongly recommend Michelle. 


Michelle is an amazing coach. She makes you feel completely safe. We have worked through some pretty powerful emotions and we wrap up by goal setting for my future. It is always the boost I need. She is so flexible and experienced to be able to take any turn that I take her on. Thanks so much, I highly recommend Michelle to anyone.


Michelle has given me immense guidance in realising and achieving my dreams and goals in life. She has put me on the right track for me and I love that she is always willing to share personal stories, which means I know I am not on my own in this. She is always there to listen and not judge, she helps me deal with the issues in my life and to look at the big picture. I was leading down a pathway of self destruction but now I have a whole new perspective on life and I have realised what I am really capable of. Now I am excited for my life and feel like I actually know who I really am and what I really want.


When I first started seeing Michelle I was very lost and unhappy. I had no self esteem and I could barely look at myself in the mirror without negative commentary running through my head. I had stomach problems, weight problems, mood swings, hormonal problems, I was unhappy in my job and so much more. I embraced wholeheartedly everything I was learning with my coaching and I would hear Michelle’s voice over and over in my head telling me to ‘go for it’ whenever I doubted myself. It was her belief in me which gave me the strength to believe in me too. I have changed so much in my life and I finally know I can be happy! If I can do this, you can too.


There are no words to describe how much I took away from our time together. Michelle’s energy is contagious. If you are looking to transform your life and need guidance I cannot recommend Michelle highly enough.


A simple list of profound qualities that Michelle has emboldened and embodied in front of me:

1. Courageous expression

2. Authentic relating to others

3. Embodied practice or technique sharing

Through the time I spent with Michelle I realised just how much work I have to do. Reparenting myself, reconditioning just how many years I have distracted myself from doing what’s right for me – by prioritising others first. Letting go of a fear of being attacked for being “selfish” for serving myself by those around me. Leaning into a genuinely fearless and resolute state of being where I shall put myself first always, in every possible way I can. A lesson I am grateful to be learning and revealing. This definitely isn’t easy work or for the faint hearted. It is life changing though when you see how your conditioning affects your entire life experience.  


I know technically Michelle’s title isn’t a teacher but she has taught me so much that I will forever be grateful for. She is an inspiration, a fantastic source of support and an amazing educator.


As my career and business took over my time demands I forgot about putting in time for me. My wife purchased me sessions with Michelle and I will admit I was sceptical at first, but it has been amazing to see how interconnected the body and mind is and how focusing on holistic approaches changed the way I thought about my life, my body and wellness in general.

The work demands of my business and family are still there BUT Michelle has helped me to realise that life shouldn’t stop for work. I am gaining a better work/life ratio and becoming healthier and happier.


Do you compare yourself to others? Do you berate yourself for making mistakes? Do you know the real you? Michelle has the knowledge and tools to help you work through this and more. Her wide and vast experience and expertise is second to none and is delivered in with such a beautiful, vibrant energy that is infectious. It was a wonderful workshop spent rediscovering myself and connecting with like-minded people who also brought so much to the workshop. Thank you Michelle.


After 7 years of being on anti-depressants, and suffering from extreme exhaustion, and a range of chronic symptoms, I realised that I needed to take control of my life, and claim back my happiness.

It must have been fate that I met Michelle at this time, as she was the first person that completely understood where I was coming from. With her help, dedication and wealth of knowledge and expertise, I am on track to reaching my goals before my 40th birthday in December.

I’m so excited about the prospect of starting the next chapter of my life free of everything that will only hold be back from being the best I can be, for myself and my family.

Thank you Michelle, you’re a true gift! 


Recently I’ve been through a breakup which has been the hardest time in my life and feels like it’s never going to end. But Michelle has been just so wonderful to talk to, helping me get through this giant obstacle. She has also helped me realise how much I’ve been holding back on living life how I want and doing things for me and basically the fact that I don’t know who I am.

I now do feel like there is light at the end of the tunnel and I will get there at some point.

Thanks to Michelle I genuinely believe that everything does happen for a reason and that part of my journey is to discover myself and overcome obstacles.


With Michelle’s help I have begun to understand why I felt so depleted of energy, my stress levels were far higher than I imagined and generally I wasn’t taking care of me on any level. Michelle has had such a holistic approach with me and by giving me tools and education (on a level I can understand) I feel I am moving forward to a healthier and happier me.

I do love to have fun but sometimes life gets in the way. I share a love of horses with Michelle and today my riding improves, as does my balance and also my ability to say “No” when needed and not feel guilty!

As I continue on my journey I hope more people stop, think and do something for themselves. As someone once told me if you are running on empty, how can you give to others if there’s nothing left!

A big thank you to Michelle for caring and taking the time to understand each and every one of us for who we are!



Life’s challenges had made it very difficult for me to even leave my home let alone trust anyone, so it was a huge leap of faith to call Michelle and I am so glad I did. Since then wow, what a journey! Michelle’s guidance and education has helped me to grow from someone who was afraid to leave the safety of her own home to someone who hiked 55km in 3 days to climb a mountain. What an amazing feeling that was to achieve that goal, of which I never would have done it, had it not been for Michelle’s coaching.

They might only be two little words but they mean so much.  Thank you.



Seeing Michelle has benefited me in so many ways. After a couple of years with severe depression and anxiety, Michelle was the one who managed to help me.

Michelle is not like other coaches; she looks at why something is painful or why the client is not ‘healthy and happy’, rather than just treating the symptoms. She has helped to bring health to all aspects of my life: Nutritionally, Spiritual, Relationships, Goal Setting, Physical Fitness and more.

I thoroughly recommend Michelle to anyone!



Michelle has been supportive, patient and has individualised everything step by step to cater to my specific needs. I really admire her professionalism in everything that she has demonstrated and explained to me. She breaks everything down into clear understandable segments and builds or adds on to that foundation.

It is pretty obvious that Michelle puts in a lot of time and dedication into her work.

As a high school math teacher for the past 33 years, this has been the most stress free year I have ever had at work and I give a ton of credit to Michelle for this.



If someone had asked me, prior to having sessions with Michelle, that my life would change this much, I may not have believed them. Michelle has an individual way of coaching her clients, incorporating mind, body and soul. I now understand that unless all those components are working together, then you’re not at your peak. Michelle’s sessions are always different, which I love, but always informative.

I learn more about myself in every session, I would not trade her for the world.



 I started seeing Michelle when I was exhausted from juggling two jobs, a long distance relationship and constant travel between all three.

I felt like nobody understood me or just how tired I was. Michelle was the one who guided me too look at what was going wrong and has been a huge support in helping me fix it!

I’ve learnt it is ok to say no and set healthy boundaries, it is ok to take time out for yourself, most importantly I have developed a relationship with myself again.

This was a long neglected relationship, but now, because of Michelle when I look in the mirror I’m not saying horrible things like I used to say, I’m saying nicer things to myself.

Michelle is there with guidance, support and no judgement. Even when I feel like I have taken steps backwards she shows me there a lesson to learn there. I neglected the emotional, mental and spiritual side of myself for so long. With Michelle’s enthusiasm it made me feel safe to go to those places in myself and she has given me the tools I needed to realise my dreams.

I can never express the magnitude of what she has taught me or how much thanks I have for her.



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