What is NLP and Hypnotherapy?

What is NLP and Hypnotherapy?


NLP is the study of excellence, which basically demonstrates the way our thinking influences our behaviour. It is a synthesis of COGNITIVE and BEHAVIOURAL psychology and NLP allows you to understand the language of your mind and how to more effectively use this knowledge to create the conscious and unconscious change you want in life.

Time Line Therapy® was developed in the mid 1980’s as an addition to NLP. These tools help to swiftly and powerfully release negative stored emotions, subconscious limiting beliefs, and create a powerful framework for goal setting and alleviating anxiety which was developed from the foundations of NLP.

What does the acronym NLP stand for?


  • Our mind and how we receive the external world.


  • Language and how we filter the received information


  • Behaviour/habits that determine our results in life.

NLP can help to:

  • Understand and control your emotional state and access strong personal resources
  • Learn how your beliefs influence your life, and how to change them
  • Truly achieve your goals so that you can live your most fulfilled life
  • Heal bad habits and balance underlying emotions so you can change your responses and emotional state quickly and effectively
  • Overcome anxiety, fear and self-doubt
  • Stop internal conflicts to make decisions effectively and access deeper intuition
  • End procrastination so you can move forward in your life
  • Unlock a deeper sense of self, clarity and confidence for your future

Hypnotherapy – Anyone can do it!

Hypnosis can help you to:

  • Increase confidence and self-esteem
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Remove addictions (Quit smoking, Food, Alcohol)
  • Remove past trauma
  • Pain Reduction
  • Increase Peak Performance (sports, work)


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Client Reviews

“Michelle’s bubbly personality is enough to make anything fun!  If you get the opportunity to work with her, I wholeheartedly recommend jumping at the chance! She will change your life!”


“Working with Michelle allows me to get out of my comfort zone in a safe space with a freedom to explore.  She is inspiring and an incredible healer.  I am grateful for all the work I have done with her.”


“Michelle is very passionate about helping others and it really shows. I highly recommend Michelle to anyone.”


“Before I came to see Michelle, I had gone through a difficult time where I was living in my car for 6 months.  I had a lot of emotions that hindered my physical and mental health.  Being a male these aren’t always easy things to talk about.  Michelle is very easy to talk to, helpful and non-judgemental.  Through coaching with her she has taken me to another level personally and professionally.”