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Things aren’t black and white! Especially when it comes to discussing trauma.

Spoiler alert – everyone has experienced trauma’s of some description. I speak about comparing our experiences to others and how it add pressure to your journey or even lead you to dismiss what’s happened because it’s not “as bad” as what someone else is going through.

Please stop comparing. There isn’t anyone to compare to.

One of the questions I have been asked is about how to have authentic relationships and form healthy boundaries.

I give some advice, tips and thoughts to ponder on this topic.

Relationships are the most important and one of the biggest aspects of our lives so we all get to choose who we want in our inner circle and close to us.

Choose wisely and choose from your heart. 

When you are going through traumatic or difficult times I so often see people judging themself.

Judgement for how they are or aren’t handling things.

Judgement for what they feel they should have done better.

Judgement and comparison to everyone else, and so much more. What you are experiencing is real, it’s not something to compare, it’s not something to belittle and you are doing the best you can.

Please be kind to yourself and remember you are not alone.


Where are you placing pressure on yourself?

You can be so busy working, doing, planning, making things happen.
BUT you can forget to be here and now.
Now is all we quite literally have.

Are you living your authentic life, being your true self, or are you just planning for it?

Are you waiting for the “right time” to start your journey, to begin again, to try something new? There is no such thing as the right time for ANYTHING. All we have is now.


Here’s something that shits me about the self development/spiritual/mental health space (whatever you wish to call it).

Yes we are spiritual beings, but we are also human beings that live in a practical world. 

The “fluff” out there can push people away from gaining help and support during traumatic and challenging times. That does people a disservice. 

We get to REMOVE judgement from the table in order to help one another forward. Leave behind anyone or any modality that makes you feel ‘less than’, and find those who meet you where you are at. 



While this is a super important topic, I feel there are a few key things we are missing and need to address in order to help more people.

Don’t always wait for people to reach out to say they aren’t ok. Check in on your people often.

If you have had a negative experience when having the courage to reach out, please don’t retreat again…there are people that can hold that space for you in a supportive and helpful way.




Did you know these 3 are actually entirely different?

In order to connect with your true self, unpack your identity, discover the path you want to take and be the version of yourself you want to be, this is a component of that work.

Remember that this step is done once trauma recovery has been addressed first!




Not everyone has earned the right to have full access to all the intricate pieces of you.

Your heart, mind and soul.

You CHOOSE who gets those deeper levels of you. Today I unpack some thoughts to ponder on what it can mean in relation to being your authentic self.




Whether it’s your health, your love life, your career or anything else have you realised how you TALK about it and the WORDS that you use?

Words have energy and your body believes what you say. Words are inherently powerful.

This is actually a deep topic I’ve covered in brief here.




Fears and Insecurities.

A few days ago I asked you all what you would like me to talk about next. You answered. I delivered. Today is part 1 on one subject and tomorrow will be part 2 on another subject.




Alpine walk and talk today.

When you try something new and challenging how does it make you feel?

I tried snowboarding today for the first time. To find out what happened you’ll have to watch.

Why do we put so much pressure on ourselves in every aspect of our lives? Trying to be “perfect”, trying to “overcome” or any other piece of needing to have everything together?




Nobody has their shit together!

If you think I’ve got all my shit together, guess what, I don’t. Here’s a secret, there is a misconception that people who work in self development/wellness/health/spiritual industries have everything sorted. That’s not possible. Everyone is human and has things to work on, that is a part of our life journey to keep learning, growing and evolving.

Here’s another secret, the best people I’ve ever met openly own that they have things they are working on.

So have a listen and tell me how this one sits for you.




The stories that we make up in our heads are so often so far from the actual truth in reality.

Judgement of yourself and fear of how others might judge you too can prevent you from going after what you really want in life.

I had a really beautiful experience with an older couple on my falls adventure today that I wanted to share with you all.

Where are you holding back from stepping into the next piece for yourself?




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