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Everyone deserves to have genuine support when navigating life’s challenges.

Someone to help you overcome the obstacles. From there you can reconnect to who you really are underneath all those events, pressures, expectations and responsibilities faced.

Always remember with coaching it’s you helping you, I’m just guiding you on your process. 


Trauma and traumatic events in life can impact you, your life and your wellbeing in many ways.

It can make you feel like you’re not quite yourself anymore.

It can make you feel lost, stuck and like you don’t know what your direction is to get back on track.

It can be that you need support with handling the challenges that you are facing, or have faced.

Some major life challenges can include: Career/Business change, Traumatic event (e.g. accident), Divorce/breakup, The passing of a loved one, Domestic violence (DV), Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Medical or Health condition/s, Family breakdown etc.

I get it, what it’s like to not be sure how to overcome what’s happened, understanding who you truly are anymore and the uncertainty of where to even start.

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“You don’t need fixing, you are not broken, you just need real, tangible tools to help you forward.”


Client Reviews

“Michelle’s bubbly personality is enough to make anything fun!  If you get the opportunity to work with her, I wholeheartedly recommend jumping at the chance! She will change your life!”


“Working with Michelle allows me to get out of my comfort zone in a safe space with a freedom to explore.  She is inspiring and an incredible healer.  I am grateful for all the work I have done with her.”


“Michelle is very passionate about helping others and it really shows. I highly recommend Michelle to anyone.”


“Before I came to see Michelle, I had gone through a difficult time where I was living in my car for 6 months.  I had a lot of emotions that hindered my physical and mental health.  Being a male these aren’t always easy things to talk about.  Michelle is very easy to talk to, helpful and non-judgemental.  Through coaching with her she has taken me to another level personally and professionally.”